How To Seduce Women

Is It True That ‘Women Want To Be Seduced’? YES

First of all, women want to be seduced – don’t ever forget that. The truth is they want to be seduced before you have sex with them – not just at the point of sex. Being SEDUCED is about being flattering, attentive, affectionate and even funny but all of it is done with poise.

Poise: A dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession: to show poise in company.

Poise is much like confidence in that it is not tangible but you can see it when it is or is not present.

Women seek this particular quality because they know that POISE has an active ingredient called PATIENCE.

So lesson one is: You can not seduce any female if you are IMPATIENT. You must absolutely understand the pace of seduction – it is like a chess game. In a chess game your opponent might be skilled and make quick moves (male) – where your opponent (female) might decide to slow the game down and think about every move you are making and every move she is making as well.

Seducing Women is Easier Than it Sounds

Gentleman – that is very important write it down. Men are so focused on what moves they themselves are making they don’t analyze how those moves might be interpreted by others. Women are aware of who is making what moves and why all the time and they have seen your particular moves before you can bet on that. So when you are being patient make sure you are being original as well.

Poise suggests “control” and seducing a woman must contain a combination of having control and forfeiting it as well. You can show this balance the moment you ask her out – example: “I would love to take you out to dinner on Thursday, you pick the type of food and I will pick the restaurant”. In essence you are telling her you are taking her out but she will get to eat what she wants. Apply this formula to many things and you will slowly seduce her by flattering her with CHOICE not just compliments. This all sounds subtle because it is. When you EMPOWER, she IS being seduced.

These are the preliminary behaviors of seduction – being a gentleman, treating her as an equal, empowering her and being patient with ALL of her decisions. Men quickly forget that when a woman does want to do something HE wanted to do that it was HIM who came up with it. So think about what you are offering her to ENTICE her.

The next most important aspect of SEDUCING A FEMALE is ATTENTION. You must give her your undivided attention. The moments you greet her to the first date always give her the attention you give your children or your boss in a meeting. Tons of eye contact and always listen to every word coming out of her mouth.

You might be reading this and wondering when the JUICY stuff comes – well player this is the juicy stuff. The art of SEX is another story – but women won’t want to have sex if they don’t feel they are being “worked” and seduced along the way. Women want passion not games. If you tell her you are going to call her tomorrow don’t wait two days – that is a game. If you tell her you are going to call her tomorrow and you call her today – that is passion.

Women want someone funny not a jackass. If you are funny and make her laugh it is far more seductive to her than if you are always trying to make everyone else laugh.

BIG TIP: When you greet her in front of other females – compliment her in front of them and no other woman.

Now my big secret is about to be revealed. Yes, as the master of all things verbal I have a great tip to you men who want to really get your female in the mood of seduction. It is simple and the beauty of this seduction secret is that it can be used anywhere anytime – even on the phone.

Whispering… to Seduce

In my opinion WHISPERING is the cornerstone of seduction. You can say almost anything and make it sound sexy when you “whisper it”. Sometimes it is what you don’t say when you whisper that says it all. Example Whisper: “I can’t wait to be alone with you later”.

It is sentences like that one that will STIR her thoughts and feelings and make her excited to hear more from you the next time. Whisper to her over the phone when she is at work and she will blush beet red and call you back so much her fingertips will be raw.

Keeping all your traits equally packaged and poised will give her clues to how balanced and patient you are. Men are far more in a rush to get into a woman’s pants than a woman into a man’s, so keep that in mind when you are trying to seduce her too quickly – there is no such thing.

There is a fine line men must walk to really seduce a woman into believing that she should go to bed with you. This fine line of seduction is most effective for men when men realize that women want to go to bed with men who don’t look desperate to get laid. When seducing a female you must use every trick in the trade to make her feel important, sexy, intelligent and feminine but most importantly she must feel like you don’t have any trick of the trade.

That is poise.

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