Chemistry of Love

A relationship that involves an intense chemistry between two people is extremely powerful! Sometimes chemistry is the reason that the relationship starts, while other times chemistry is discovered after the relationship is initiated. When there is a relationship that lacks chemistry, it tends to lead to a different kind of love or a more platonic friendship.

Chemistry between two people can be described as a type of biological electricity that gives the couple a rush of passion when they are together. Sometimes the chemistry is so powerful between a couple, that it can be mutually felt when they are just in each other’s presence and are not even touching. It is this non-tangible type of chemistry that is the most powerful of all, as it just intensifies the closer the two people get to each other. When such a couple’s hands touch, there is an instant biological response, which almost makes them feel like they are weightless and floating.

True, powerful chemistry is emotionally intoxicating for the couple involved. Couples that are this intensely attracted find it hard to pull away from each other in order to address other aspects of their day to day life. It is almost as though the couple is experiencing a huge amount of passion toward each other, which takes them to a personal world of their own, filled with the deepest of attraction toward each other.

Although chemistry is a very strong feeling between couples, it can exist without real love. Chemistry without love is something that can be emotionally hurtful unless both people are on the same page about the relationship. Love is not all about the biological experiences between two people. Love and compassion is expressed in many ways. A couple can deeply love each other but lack the intense chemistry that some people are fortunate enough to experience. No one type of relationship is any better, they are just different.

Often, a couple who lacked chemistry in the beginning discovers it over time. This is a gradual type of love, which takes time to mature and grow stronger and stronger. This sort of love is like when a person is making a fire in the fireplace and to grow from a small spark to a glowing, vibrant flame. The evolution of such a love can be filled with lots of ups and downs, which make the relationship stronger over time. It can be a challenging and yet very beautiful experience for both people. Sometimes it is the difficult times that make a person appreciate the good times when they have them.

Chemistry is not needed to be in love, but if you have it, it is often a very powerful love that takes the couple to emotional levels that exceed anything imaginable. The key is to be open to feel and experience your true emotions. Sometimes people are so stressed and worried about so many things that they don’t loosen up enough to feel a chemistry that could be there. Release you inhibitions and feel whatever attractions are there to feel. You may be suddenly surprised by the fact that the person, who was only your friend for so long, is actually your soul mate and the chemistry between you takes you through the roof! Don’t be so distracted that you overlook the obvious. Sometimes what you are looking for it right in front of you!

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