How to tell someone that you are attracted to them

There are several creative ways to tell someone that you are attracted to him or her. Ideally, before doing this, you should make sure that the person who you are attracted to is available first. This is just a sign of respect for both the other person and yourself. Once you know that your love interest is single, get your creative wheels turning and select the best way to express yourself.

How to tell someone that you are attracted to them. Some people are not shy and feel comfortable with sharing their feelings over a coffee or a dinner out somewhere together. Other people are more private and want to express their heartfelt feelings in a more private place like while walking on a nature trail or maybe at home. If openly talking about your feelings is not your style; maybe a letter or an email would be better. Some people express themselves better in a letter than talking in person.

Other ways to get your feelings out there would be through creative romantic gestures. For instance, if a man is interested in a woman, he could send her a single rose or a bunch of wild flowers with a card expressing how he feels about her. On the other hand, if a woman is interested in a man, she could get him a small gift that he would like, relating to his interests. Small gifts express feelings of attraction and love for another person.

Another thing that either a man or a woman can do to express attraction is to prepare a romantic dinner at home with good food, fine wine, candles and music. A homemade, romantic evening can really express love for someone. Also a weekend away to a romantic place is a way to express feelings for someone. Simply spend more and more time with the one you are attracted to, doing things that you both love to do and see what happens!

Notes of affection are also well received generally. For example, place a romantic note in a shoe or pocket and wait for them to find it. You may find yourself a little anxious as you wait for his or her response, but it is a fun way to say that you like or love someone. Plus, notes are nice keepsakes for couples to have if they end up in a loving relationship and they want to reflect their romantic relationship’s beginning.

Another romantic gesture is to meet someone for lunch with a picnic that includes good food and a nice dessert. You could meet your loved one at noon and drive to where you can see the water and share a romantic picnic lunch together. This makes a great impression on a person and also makes an interesting romantic break in the middle of both of your workdays.

These ideas are just a few of the ways in which you can tell someone that you are attracted to them. Body language is a very obvious form of expressing your feelings. The innocence of a warm smile, reaching for someone’s hand or even giving a loving hug can really say a lot when it comes to showing attraction. If the attraction is mutual, you may even share your first kiss together and a new relationship may develop. You cannot be shy to express your feelings of attraction to someone because you may miss out on the best relationship you could ever have. Take a chance and express yourself!

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