How To Get A Woman To ‘Shower’ You With Attention!

The other day, we told you:
“If you’d like a woman to shower you with attention, you must always be needed and wanted… Simply do (THIS???) and the seduction can last forever.” 99.9% of men shoot themselves in the foot because they don’t stick to this simple key element! How many times have you failed with women because of (THIS???)

So, what is THIS??? … How does a guy get a woman to ‘shower’ him with attention?

It’s called DETACHMENT.


Once you’ve made a good impression on a woman — for example you’ve said ‘hi’ to her, she’s said ‘hi’ back, and you’ve had a chance to flirt and establish a slight level of attraction — you increase the heat by suddenly backing off. As explained in our book, your goal is to leave her ‘wanting more’.

Women do this all the time to men. This is almost a tradition, and so it can really infect a woman with attraction when a guy does it. Because it’s the last thing that she expects.

FACT: Men are generally the aggressors. Men pursue women.

FACT: Most often a woman wants a man that she pursues.

CONCLUSION: Do not chase women. You want women to chase you. And you do this by combining flirtatious behavior with ‘detachment’.


To ‘detach’ from a woman, you first need to ignite a spark of attraction with flirtatious behavior … Smiles, seductive language, exciting movements (* read the complete guide to flirting in The ‘Science’ of Picking Up Women).

After you’ve set the stage with flirtatious behavior, it’s time to ‘detach’ and back off… Suddenly, the woman is left wondering why you backed off. She is left thinking about you.

Your goal is to leave her to think about you for a few days… the next time you see her, once again be warm and flirtatious.

Then start the cycle of detachment all over again.

WARNING: There is a danger of being labeled an ‘office tease’ if you don’t step up the heat in future encounters that you use flirtatious behavior. So step up the heat, use detachment to leave her thinking about you more and more, and when the time is right, when you feel that she is literally hoping more than anything to be with you…

ASK YOURSELF: Do you want this woman to become ‘obsessed’ with you? You have set the stage for serious ‘obsession’, and as you are about to find out with this woman, sex with an obsessed woman is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Read that again. Sex with an obsessed woman is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Sure, she might think that you’re a jerk… that you’re a ‘player’… that you’ll probably ‘play’ her… BUT SHE WILL STILL WANT YOU. She’ll start showing up where she knows she’ll find you… at your work, at school, at the nightclub. She’ll start talking to all of her friends about you. She’ll start calling you day and night.

She might start annoying you. But, those are the drawbacks you’ll have to live with when you have used detachment on a woman so many times that she’s willing to put out sex where ever and when ever you want it.

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