How To Use Charisma To Attract Women


Want to attract women with the same level of ease as the biggest movie stars and rockstars that seem to have this ‘natural’ gift of charisma? Why is charisma so powerful, and how have ordinary looking people (even ‘ugly people’) achieved such extraordinary sexual desire from the
general population?

Learn the psychological principles of charisma
and you can literally have the world’s most gorgeous women eating out of your
hand… Want a second opinion from someone who until a short time ago was
completely unknown?

Then ask no-name, no-money Kevin Federline
how he reeled in Britney Spears

If there’s a sweet science to boxing, could
there be a sweet science to charisma?

Ask a handful of champion boxers to explain the
‘sweet science’ of boxing, and you’re going to get the same answer from all of
them. Chin down, hands up, circle left, circle right, step in the bucket, throw
combinations, jab, feint, etc…

Ask these champion boxers (and their trainers)
how they developed these skills and what specifically they do in training, and
they’re not going to tell you. They don’t want their training methods
(secrets) getting out.

Charismatic ‘Players’ and ‘Ladies men’ Don’t Want To Reveal Their
Secrets Either

Performers in show business are the same way.
These performers work on their game, some starting at an early age, until they
are good enough to finally break into the scene with a small role in a B movie
(some do get lucky from the get go, but that’s rare). They keep rehearsing for
auditions, and keep getting better. Suddenly you’ve got a George Clooney
who evolved from a supporting character (grease mechanic) on Roseanne in
the later 80’s, to international movie star, as we know him now..

Like any ‘true player’ who knows how to attract
choice women, actors work hard to develop charisma, so they can attract
an audience… How to look good on camera, how to command attention, how to talk
and use voice inflection, silent pauses, subtle gestures, how to be so bold and
entertaining people can’t turn the channel because they are so captivated
by the actor’s CHARISMA.

Why Charisma Creates Sexual Desire In Women

For those of you who think that charisma can’t be learned, you might want
to take another look, and I’ll cite some specific people. Donald Trump is
really charismatic (and yet is well known for his sailor’s mouth when he loses
his temper) and so is Tommy Lee, a trash talking rockstar that has slept
with two of the hottest women in modern day Hollywood (Pamela Anderson
and Heather Locklear, and more than likely quite a few more than that,
including a number of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Mansion).

Now, to an outside observer Donald Trump and
Tommy Lee are two completely different people. Regarding each one’s charisma,
they just seem to have different styles which is another point that makes
charisma so important. It can work for just about anyone who takes the time to
learn it, much like an actor or martial artist.


Charisma can be developed by anyone who
believes in it and wants it bad enough. Hollywood and the music business are
excellent examples. Just look at Tupac Shakur, the deceased rapper. If you look
at an early Tupac, just like today’s biggest Hollywood movie stars, many were
far from charismatic. But with careful training by stage directors and their
cohorts (stage coaches, voice coaches, modeling coaches, etc), these celebrities
became extremely charismatic. Also, these celebrities became charismatic by
carefully reading other people. When people reacted one way to a speech or
musical performance, these celebrities made a mental note of what action was
done differently to get such a positive response, and then repeated that action
even stronger in the next performance. What happened? A bigger reaction from the
people. And it just went on from there.

There was a time when charisma only came
‘naturally’ to a select few, but more than likely (rather than a ‘natural’ power
or gift from the gods) it was a direct result of psychological circumstances
regarding the charismatic individual’s upbringing.

Nowadays, we know better and we have the
information that can teach us (any of us) how to harness the power of charisma
and become a truly unstoppable force, whether it’s show business, sports, music,
or the movies, and in the world of seduction, learning charisma means making
yourself really attractive — make that extremely, extremely attractive — to
the opposite sex.

Give A PUA (Pick Up Artist, Speed Seducer, Hypnotist, etc.) Charisma And His
Failing Neg Hits Will Suddenly Seem To Work Magic

That’s where charisma blows the neg hitting
pua’s out of the water. Now give a PUA charisma, and suddenly his neg hits will
seem to work magic where before he developed charisma, the neg hits didn’t work
at all. Go figure.

There’s an old saying, and it’s what do women
want? Well, like everyone else, they want charisma, they want to be around
people with charisma… Because in such a mundane existence of everyday life,
anything charismatic almost seems magical (unless of course you understand
charisma) and the big seduction secret many are starting to discover, is that
anyone can develop charisma for themselves.

Discussion board post by Jeff the Uber Geek

Subject: Charisma

Can a person develop charisma, or is it something out of reach for anyone not
born with it?

I’ve seen remarkable transformations in some of the people in my life, and
others who seem to stay the same. For one example, if you’d have asked me 15
years ago if my cousin had charisma I’d have laughed in your face. Now, however,
he’s become a very outgoing, socially conscious, extremely likeable person who
I’d have to say is one of the most charismatic people I know. People are drawn
to him now, whereas 15 years ago he was avoided by all except family. Did he
learn it or he tap into an already inborn ability? He claims he learned it.

When a person, such as an actor, politician, or even a high-profile athlete
starts a training program to develop charisma, often they may have to fake the
traits that make them seem charismatic, until it comes naturally. Suddenly they
are no longer faking it, and women are suddenly all over these men.

At the beginning, these guys don’t have ‘true
charisma’… but they quickly learn how to ‘fake’ charisma and the whole thing
could be considered an act. Con artists can do this, and that’s where we
get the term ‘confidence tricks’. And when men have to ‘fake’ charisma out on
the town meeting women, it works almost like magic at creating attraction. Men
that work on developing charisma can become naturals, and suddenly are
sleeping with, even marrying very beautiful, sometimes high-profile women.

Actors can ‘fake’ charisma as well until it
becomes natural, from Brad Pitt to George Clooney, and the list goes on. Tom
, who played Maverick in Top Gun, was one of the most
charismatic movie characters to ever come out of pop culture. He was extremely
charismatic on the screen (sure, after careful training to seem charismatic),
and yes in real life he was not as charismatic as his character.

Now, seducers and players can ‘fake’ charisma
as well to the point that it looks as though they’re naturals… Maybe they are
and maybe they’re not. I think many of them have become naturals.

Does it matter though if they have true
charisma or they have to ‘fake’ it? Would you really feel bad if one night you
used a few secrets that made you look and sound a lot more confident, and you
always knew what to say and when to say it? And it drove every woman that you
talked to wild with desire? When you watch these guys (and I’ve used these
skills myself) they can literally use their charisma to attract women like
nothing you’ve ever witnessed. Actually, maybe you have witnessed it. If actors
are not as charismatic in real life, they sure do a great job of projecting it
on the screen. Just look at Val Kilmer, Top Gun’s Iceman

Charisma In The Nightclub

I know some guys that can do a better Iceman
out in the nightclub, meaning these guys go into ‘mode’ and blast the room with
charismatic ‘skills’ and get mad attention from choice women, for the sole
purpose of meeting the hottest woman there and taking her home. They’re the
ultimate PUA’s, but they’re not anything like the PUA’s you read about in Neil
Strauss’s “The Game” for example. They don’t seem like PUA’s, and they
have a hundred times more success. Why? Because women are just drawn to these
guys. They’re not cocky/funny jackasses, if anything I’d describe them as super
cool and super smooth. Sure they can be cocky. Sure they can be funny. But it’s
all with charisma. It’s not the cocky/funny theory you may be reading about on
‘Internet Dating Guru’ websites.

It’s all about the charisma. That will never
change. So the longer men don’t learn it, the longer that men as a group ignore
what charisma can do for them, the longer they’re going to go home empty handed
at closing time.

PUA’s hit on women, trying to talk to fifty or
so before they finally get one that will do the deed…

Guys with charisma don’t have to hit on
women — women hit on them.
Women seduce them. Women want to fuck them.

If I’m a no-name Kevin Federline I
really need to turn on the charisma if I’m going to attract a woman like
Britney Spears
, a pop icon with world wide fame and a massive fortune
to match. You should read how she describes him. Britney Spears is captivated by
Kevin Federline, and while the rest of the world talks smack about him, just
remember he’s bagging one of the most popular female music performers ever.

And according to the media, she’s taking care
of him… Paying his bills, buying him gifts, financing his rap album.

That’s charisma at work.

Kevin Federline is a walking Miller Beer
commercial, he’s living the high-life. A single out-of-work father with
no significant background — an average looking guy in serious need of a haircut
— he went from living like My Name Is Earl to my name is Mr. Britney

So, what’s his secret? Yes, you already know,
like so many others before him, and this is straight from the mouth of Britney
Spears herself —

He knows how use charisma on women.

In Summary:

  • Anyone can learn charisma. That has been
    proven beyond a shadow of a doubt time and again. Don’t fool yourself into
    thinking you can’t learn it, or you can’t become more charismatic. You can.
  • That person you know who seems ‘charismatic’
    — well, he knows it too, and has made many mental notes (starting at a young
    age) as to what helps him project this image and he’s built on that (at the same
    time, he keeps his mouth shut about it, which is part of the charisma, and it’s
    called mystery)
  • Someone who ‘trains’ himself in charisma can
    easily become much more ‘charismatic’ than someone who seems to take to it
    ‘naturally’. Why? Because the person training in it knows exactly what he / she
    is doing, and WHY. You can excel very rapidly in charisma when you follow a
    program. Just ask any con man, entertainer, politician, or ladies man.
  • Charisma is very different than charm. Charm
    is sometimes an element of charisma, but does not have the powerful
    psychological properties of persuasion and influence that charisma has. In
    politics and business, you don’t call in the charmer to get things done. You
    call in the guy with the most charisma. Charm is middle-management. Charisma is
    the CEO.
  • ‘Jerks’ and ‘Nice Guys’ can wield charisma to
    the same effect on women. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying ‘Nice Guys’ can’t
    get women, and yet you’ve seen ‘Nice Guys’ that do get women. The Nice Guy vs.
    Jerk thing is a myth. Instead, think of it as the Charismas vs. No-Charismas.
    Nice guys and jerks can get women just as equally when each uses charisma.
  • Women fantasize about men with
    charisma. Women will meet a charismatic man once and then day-dream about him
    for years. About love, passion, sex… control. But a man with
    charisma will never give women control… He’ll always keep a psychological
    distance, and remain the prize in the interaction.

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