How to win her heart

Your woman needs you to always excite her.

Just like men, women tend to get bored rather quickly and they enjoy the excitement of the chase.

Whatever you do or say never seems good enough for her. Females appear to be insatiable in their demands. What your woman really needs is for you to always excite her.
Just like men, women tend to get bored rather quickly and they enjoy the
excitement of the chase. If you play hard to a subtle way and constantly prove
to her that you are special – then you will have her longing for your company
and savoring every minute she shares with you.

How to Get Her
First impressions really count so if you
are in courting stage, you have to trade very carefully. The most important
thing is to take it very slowly. Take time to get to know her and make her
interested in you. Romantic dinners are always a sure thing, but be creative
and take her on the kind of date she’s never been on before, something exciting
and thrilling, something to remember. Make her feel special but at the same
time, tease her. Always make her aware that others want you, but you shouldn’t
actually go out with them. Let her know you choose to be with her but that if
you ever wanted, you could have plenty of action. You will excite the female
competitive imagination by being a “catch” desirable to others. Women love guys
who make them laugh, if humor comes naturally to you great. If not, try and make
an effort. (you can always recite jokes from the Internet).

You should ignite a lady’s desire slowly
but surely. Female pleasure is like a flower it needs water, warmth and
sunshine. Trying to jump in bed with her straight away is a big mistake. This
will make her feel cheap and make you seem desperate. Delaying foreplay builds
up and expands her excitement. Let her know that you desire her in the way you
look at her and touch her.

How to Keep Her
Its hard work to win her over, but once
you have don’t think that you can sit down comfortably with your feet up. The
chase is over, and everything is going great but the challenge now is to keep
the initial excitement of the relationship. Many couples break up because they
can’t handle losing the intensity that keep them together at the beginning.
Boredom can make even the most sincere woman yearn to run off and get into


1. Give her
the attention she deserves

you can still play hard-to-get, but don’t
be inaccessible. Women do indeed love a challenge, but the truth is that absence
doesn’t make the heart grow fonder, it makes it wander! She needs to chase you
but if you disappear, she has nothing to chase. So pay attention to her! Your
kids, career, hobbies and friends all demand you attention….and they deserve
it, but so does she. Make a special effort to spend quality time with her and do
things you know that she enjoys. Now that you have her heart, you have to keep
it but letting her know she has yours. Keep in mind that often a woman cheats
not because she wants a new sex partner but because her regular partner isn’t
paying attention.

2. Excite her with

Don’t make her life dull with routine.
Always come up with new things to do together. Book a romantic holiday in a
place that you’ve heard her talk about and tell her the night before. Don’t
only take her on special occasions, make outings spontaneous and always go to
different places. Leave her a rose or a romantic note on her pillow. Anything
that is done on a regular basis should be done in different ways so that nothing
becomes predictable and boring.

3. Flirt

Let her know that you can still attract
other women. A little tasteful public exhibitionism, sexy clothing, intimate or
wild dancing or mild flirting will make her feel some jealousy, this is health
in a relationship in small doses. It is not a good idea if she is the extremely
jealous type though! Just be sure, when you’re flirting with others, to keep it
light. Let her know the show is for her. Different women have different
tolerance levels, so you and your partner should reach an understanding of
what’s exciting, what’s okay and what’s definitely not okay. You will be in
zesty yet secure relationship.

4. Excite her with
your intelligence

Being a stud in bed is an advantage, but
what about the rest of the time? A woman needs intellectual stimulation just as
much as sexual stimulation. Debating and discussing important issues is always a
good way to pass some time. Stun her with your knowledge and insight, but don’t
pretend to know something you don’t. Make an effort by reading and keeping up to
date with all the latest developments,. You should always listen to what she has
to say as well, don’t let her feel insignificant. You intelligence infuses your
love life with humor, meaning excitement.

5. Don’t
cheat on her

If you have a monogamous relationship,
keep it that way. When you have a secret love affair, she can feel the lose of
your excitement. Real infidelity is a betrayal, and that’s not very exciting:
It’s depressing. If you cheat on her and she finds out, there will be a constant
strain between you. She may forgive you, but she will never forget. She may or
may not make a big deal out of it, but be assured that deep down she will be
deeply hurt. The easiest way to add spice to your life is by having sex with a
new person. But you can find newness with your permanent partner in so many

In order to stop her from cheating,
change you look occasionally, vary your style from glamorous to sweet to
intellectual to businesslike to spiritual to sexy. Pretend that you are other
men when you make love. Why would she want to be with anyone else when she has
so many in you?

6. Make love, not

Women appreciate someone who is
thoughtful, kind, gentle and considerate. Gestures such as cooking dinner,
cleaning up and taking care of kids will certainly earn you brownie points. Give
her some space and let her spend some time with her friends and family. Don’t
let her feel as if she is a prisoner in your relationship. Try to give
encouragement instead of condoning her. Don’t complain – explain, communication
is very important. If something is bothering you about the relationship, talk it
out in a mature manner instead of ranting and raving.

7. Learn to
really listen

Sometimes when a women come to a man with
a problem, they throw them a solution and think that they have done a world of
good. In fact, many women are more open about feelings than men. A woman talks
about her problems because she needs to talk about her feelings. In return, she
just needs you to listen and understand her. Instead of giving her advice that
she doesn’t need, learn to listen and comfort her with a hug or a dear kiss.
Giving a woman tender loving care when she is upset can erase all her grief.

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