Improve Your Chances of Meeting the Right Person

We’ve all dreamed about having the perfect relationship from the minute members of the opposite sex were no longer repelling to us. We know what
we are attracted to, what we want in a partner and over the years we’ve
developed expectations for our relationships. While there is nothing wrong with
knowing what you want, treating these things like they are a grocery list could
be holding you back from meeting the one for you. Here are a few tips on letting
go of some preconceived ideas and open your heart to more than just the perfect

First of all, it is important to have realistic expectations of yourself. You
were born with what you have and you make the best of it. That is all that
matters- end of story. You don’t need plastic surgery or a complete makeover
to attract a partner. A lot of attraction is based in confidence and attitude.
Do what makes you comfortable with what you have and never look back.

While you cut yourself some slack in the expectation area, extend that
consideration to other people. Broaden your requirements you feel you need to
have when finding the perfect partner. While there is no such thing as the
perfect partner, the ideal person is just waiting for you to find them. Talk
with people you wouldn’t consider dating and you might find a subtle urge to
see them again after wonderfully stimulating conversation. You might find that
kind of attraction softens the other physical expectations. Keep in mind that
age is only a number. You can meet a number of older or younger people who
thrill you in ways you’ve only imagined.

Don’t look too hard to find something to like about someone. If you spend
enough time with someone and the chemistry isn’t there, accept it and move on.
You can’t will attraction between two people. It has to exist for both

If you feel anxious about not being in a relationship, you need to step back and
calm down. It is important to feel comfortable being by yourself before you can
begin a successful relationship. If you base your value and worth on being with
someone else, it will usually end with one partner being too needy and the other
lacking any respect for their ex.

Desperation comes across in more ways than anyone could imagine. If you look
like you spent a lot of time in front of the mirror getting ready to go out and
don’t participate in any fun as to not ruin your look, it is obvious you are
trying too hard. People are attracted to comfortable, confident and fun
individuals that are easy to be around. High maintenance is just too much work.

Finally, when you do find someone you feel is worth spending more time with,
remember there is no rush when you want to do things right. Pressure and demands
only confuse people and make them anxious. You can find the right person for you
when you head out there with the right attitude.


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